Legislative session reaches midpoint

In response to the historic March For Our Lives, DFL senators this week joined high school students and Minnesotans of diverse backgrounds to announce the Senate’s first comprehensive plan to address the epidemic of gun violence in our society. The new plan focuses on three categories: Schools, Research, and Gun Safety.

The Senate this week unanimously approved new contracts for our outstanding state employees. The House also passed the bill with near unanimous support, and Governor Dayton has already signed it into law. As a result, more than 30,000 Minnesotans will receive a raise. The Senate also unanimously passed important legislation to begin shoring up the state’s endangered pension fund.

State lawmakers are leaving Saint Paul for a one-week legislative recess. The mid-session milestone is an important opportunity for senators to return to their districts, visit with constituents, and have face-to-face conversations about the work being done at the Capitol.