Legislature passes updates to state’s medical cannabis program

This week the Legislature voted to expand Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis program, most notably by allowing patients aged 21 and older to purchase and smoke raw cannabis flower. This is a long overdue update that will drastically improve the affordability and accessibility for patients across the state.

Created in 2014, the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program allows patients to use forms of cannabis to treat certain serious health conditions. The state’s medical cannabis laws were some of the most restrictive in the country by prohibiting use of raw cannabis. Other allowable forms and delivery methods of cannabis are processed and more expensive, coming in liquid, pill, vaporized, or topical products. Adding the raw cannabis plant to this list will significantly reduce cost for patients in the program, which is not covered by insurance. Other changes in this bill would continue modifications made during the pandemic for curbside pickup and telehealth consultation options. (HF 2128)