Let’s be blunt: Senate Republicans are standing in the way of legalizing cannabis

Minnesotans across the state this week recognized 4/20 – an unofficial holiday celebrating cannabis culture.

Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis. Minnesota is one step closer in doing so after House DFLers passed a bill to legalize and regulate recreational adult-use cannabis and expunge cannabis related criminal records.

Senate DFLers also have legislation to legalize recreational adult-use cannabis. The bill is being held hostage by Senate Republicans, as the chair of the Judiciary Committee refuses to allow a conversation to happen on the issue, let alone allow a vote on the bill.

For Republicans to stop a conversation from happening on such an important issue that continues to exasperate racial disparities in our criminal justice system is not only irresponsible and undemocratic, it harms Minnesotans.

Senate DFLers will fight to move forward on this important conversation. (SF 757)