Lewis and Clark Water System the Target of Bonding Efforts

This week, the Senate Capital Investment Committee held a joint hearing with its House counterpart to discuss the Lewis and Clark Water System. The Lewis and Clark Water System project is an effort to address critical water shortages by creating a pipeline to bring water to serve three states, including a large swath of Southwestern Minnesota.

To finish the project, the state has created a match program to ensure that the undelivered federal funding could be found through a combination of state and local matches, including a $22 million appropriation in last year’s bonding bill. In addition to the bonding bill, the cities of Luverne and Worthington and the counties of Rock and Nobles were granted expanded bonding authority of $45 million.

With these investments and sources of funding, the Lewis and Clark Water System is moving forward. The schedule to finish the project depends on federal funding being delivered, which may not be dependable. Proponents of the project are requesting an additional $48 million to assist in building the pipeline.

Senate DFL Media