License Plate Readers and Data Privacy Debated in Judiciary Committee

On Thursday, the Judiciary committee heard two bills regarding License Plate Reader use by law enforcement and the retention of data those readers collect. The bills lay out clear guidelines on how long law enforcement agencies can retain the data and whether it should be classified as public or private. Currently, there is nothing in statute that determines how long law enforcement can keep the data. S.F. 86 would allow for a 90-day retention of the data, as well as classifying all of the information as non-public or confidential. The second, S.F. 31 allows for no data retention. Critics of that measure say law enforcement investigations would be hampered by not retaining the data. S.F. 86 will be referred to the Transportation and Public Safety Committee. The measure was laid on the table. (S.F. 86, S.F. 31)

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