Local Government

The work of the Local Government Policy Committee this session primarily focused on addressing technical and uncontroversial legislation. While the committee did take up and pass, along party-lines, controversial housing and rent control legislation, the bulk of the committee’s work centered on non-controversial local government policy.


HF 3285: County land sales online process authorization; land sales notice procedures modification This bill amends the manner of advertising and sale, lease, or conveyance of county-owned property to include advertisement on a county’s website and allowing bids to be solicited and accepted through an online auction process.

HF 3834: Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority statutory authority clarification 
This bill allows Bloomington to increase the number of Housing and Redevelopment Authority Commissioners from five to seven. Specifically, the bill incorporates technical cleanup language for Bloomington’s HRA and replaces Sections 462.415 to 462.7 with Chapter 469. This change allows for the increase in membership.

HF 3216: Local road improvement program advisory committee membership amendment
The bill expands the membership of local road improvement (LRIP) advisory committees by one additional seat. Specifically, the bill mandates that one town board member, appointed by the Minnesota Association of Townships, will serve as a member to the advisory committee.

H.F. 3682: Certain requirements expansion regarding qualified newspaper

The bill addresses stakeholder concerns on the issues facing modern-day newspapers, such as-e-editions, formatting requirements, circulation thresholds, and the availability of statewide public notice websites. Specifically, the bill requires public notices to be printed both in the physical and e-edition (without additional fee) of a qualified newspaper Additionally, the bill requires that the newspapers post the notice on the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s public notice website and makes other changes to streamline the public notice process.

HF 3175 Township planning and zoning authorization clarification  

This bill consolidates township zoning and planning authority by repealing township zoning and planning provisions within Chapter 366 and establishing uniform statutory zoning and planning authority under Chapter 462.  

HF 2454: Mora Public Utilities Commission membership increase authorization
The bill provides a carve out to the city of Mora to increase the membership of the local Public Utilities Commission to five members with staggered terms. The bill also limits the number of Mora council members serving on the commission to not exceed two.

HF 4221: Hennepin Board of County Commissioners permission to set reasonable allowances for expenses or a per diem allowance for members of board of agenciesThis bill authorizes the county board of Hennepin County to set a reasonable allowance for expenses or a per diem allowance to be paid to members of boards, agencies, advisory boards, or committees performing duties for all or part of the county.