Making College More Accessible & Affordable (Higher Education)

The Senate DFL voted for an unprecedented investment in higher education in Minnesota, making higher education more attainable to students throughout the state. Throughout the legislative session, students from the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, Tribal colleges and our private institutions testified before the Higher Education committee about the rising cost of tuition, food insecurity, mental health on campus, and many other challenges students face each day. Greater funding for the State Grant program, emergency assistance grants to help students meet their basic needs, funding for menstrual products at the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State campuses, and an expanded Hunger-Free Campus program will directly support students as they pursue higher education. And lastly, grant funding for Tribal Colleges, the American Indian Scholars Program, the Fostering Independence program, a new student-parent initiative and an Inclusive Higher Education Technical Assistance will increase diversity among our student population in Minnesota.

Student Loan Advocate

Student loans are a burden that hangs over Minnesotans for decades after they graduate. This Commerce omnibus creates a Student Loan Advocate at the Department of Commerce to help borrowers understand their rights, resolve issues, and create a student loan education course.

Tuition-Free College

The North Star Promise provides full scholarships to eligible students to attend a public postsecondary institution or Tribal college. Students are eligible if they have an adjusted gross household income below $80,000, opening the door to higher education for as many as 30,000 students across the state. 

Additionally, eligible students will receive funds to match a portion of their Pell Grant awards. These funds can be used for students’ needs beyond tuition, such as textbooks, housing, food or transportation.

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Tuition Freeze

For the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 academic years, tuition will remain at the 2022-2023 tuition rate at all campuses within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

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