March for our Lives Rally at the State Capitol

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Students, legislators, and supporters took to the streets this week and marched to the Minnesota State Capitol to protest the inaction of legislation addressing gun violence. These students, along with students across the country, chose to not be silent and are leading the country’s debate on combatting gun violence.

Sadly, gun violence has become a norm in America. There have been since January more than fifteen school shootings across the nation. The Legislature need to listen to our young people’s pleas for justice. They are calling on state and federal leadership to find common-sense solutions to protect their lives. Legislation have been proposed to expand background checks and prevent people who pose a threat to society from obtaining firearms. Unfortunately, not one of the proposed bills have received a hearing in the Minnesota Senate. (SF1261, SF2782, SF2882, SF 2969, SF 2601, SF1263, SF1262, SF2883, SF2781, SF2959)