Minneapolis Legislators Call for Northern Metals Closure

MINNEAPOLIS — Earlier this week, a court decision was granted allowing an extension of the August 1 deadline to cease operations of the Northern Metals facility in north Minneapolis. In response, legislators representing the constituents affected by this facilities operation released the following statement calling on the deadline to be enforced.

“We have attended meetings and monitored the discussion related to the metal shredder at this location and the air quality in the area for many years. We have heard our constituents raise issues of concern and have heard the response and promises from the company. Allowing Northern Metals to continue operations will only add to our constituents’ grievances and contribute to the narrative that those who are supposed to listen do not. All Minnesotans, including our constituents, deserve to be confident the air they breathe is clean and safe. Shutting down the shredder operations will help the air quality in our area. Northern Metals made a business decision and signed the Consent Decree agreeing to the August 1st deadline. They should be held accountable.”

Today, Senator Bobby Joe Champion, Senator Kari Dziedzic, Representative Fue Lee, Representative Raymond Dehn, Representative Diane Loeffler, and Representative Mohamud Noor sent the attached letter asking Judge Guthmann to reverse his decision and to enforce the August 1 deadline.

Senate DFL Media