Minnesota celebrates 50th anniversary of Earth Day

Minnesotans celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this week. Minnesota is home to rich ecosystems that inhabit our 10,000 lakes, the Boundary Waters, Northwoods, rich farmable land, and much more. Our state truly has so much to offer, but with the ever-growing threat of climate change around every corner, it’s more important now than ever that we do our part to take care of our beautiful state.

With rising average temperatures across the state, Minnesota’s ecosystems are already being affected by climate change. Our lake temperatures are increasing, resulting in a significant loss of habitat in fish populations such as trout and walleye. Even some of our beloved trees that thrive in our cold weather such as paper birch and black spruce are at risk of dying out.

Last year, the Senate DFL formed the Clean Energy and Climate Caucus to address the very real threat of climate change and more intentionally pursue clean energy. This is a great first step, but we must continue to prioritize efforts to expand clean energy resources and protect the state we love so much.

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