Minnesota celebrates Statehood Day

The State of Minnesota celebrated Statehood Day at the Capitol this week. This week marked the 160th anniversary of Minnesota becoming a state, after President James Buchanan approved its statehood in 1858. The Minnesota Capitol Electrolier (a chandelier in which the lights are electrical) was lit as part of the celebration, creating an impressive spectacle to celebrate the statehood of Minnesota.

It is important to pause and reflect upon the inspirational moments of Minnesota’s history, and it is incumbent upon Minnesotans to recognize the parts of the state that have helped shape Minnesota into what it is today. Our history is important and Statehood Day is in place to remind us of that.

The Ojibwe and Dakota were among the first peoples who made what is now Minnesota their home, enriching the country and state’s character and culture. From then on, more and more communities began to make Minnesota their home, forming a diverse state that strives to be a place for all.

For 159 years, people from all walks of life have come to make Minnesota their home, drawn by impeccable landscapes and waterways, unlimited opportunities, and especially the state’s rich and growing diversity that enhances communities and culture. The chance to be part of a prosperous and dynamic state is what people expect from the state of Minnesota, and it is often what they receive.

Minnesota’s Statehood Day was proclaimed by Governor Dayton in 2017. It’s a day for Minnesotans to celebrate their state and all the importance behind its history.