Minnesota Health Plan Caucus Co-Chairs issue Statement Following Launch of Caucus

A bicameral group of over 50 legislators from the Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives today launched the Minnesota Health Plan Caucus, which aims to advance legislation that would reduce costs, expand coverage, and guarantee healthcare for all Minnesotans. Following a media availability and rally, the co-chairs of the caucus issued the following statement:

“Members of our communities across the state are demanding a comprehensive, universal health care plan for the state of Minnesota,” said Senator Jen McEwen (DFL – Duluth). “Too many Minnesotans are unable to access healthcare due to a lack of health insurance or prohibitive costs that prevent them from seeking care. In rural Minnesota, we’ve also seen a consolidation of the healthcare industry as a result of our current profit-driven system. This universal plan would help address these issues and give Minnesotans more freedom and control over their healthcare decisions.”

“Healthcare justice is a major factor in establishing racial and economic equity for our state,” said Senator Omar Fateh (DFL – Minneapolis). “When it comes to healthcare outcomes, there are unacceptable disparities between BIPOC Minnesotans and their white peers. Under our current employment-based healthcare system, working people are often left behind due to poor coverage and high out-of-pocket expenses. The Minnesota Health Plan is the best plan to ensure that every Minnesotan is guaranteed healthcare as a human right, regardless of employment status or income.”

“Far too many people can’t access the health care they need,” said Rep. Liz Reyer (DFL – Eagan). “Every Minnesotan deserves to have affordable, high-quality health care. This caucus will work to expand access to health care, lower costs, and address inequalities so everyone in our state can get the care they need at a price they can afford.”

“Affordable and accessible healthcare is one of the most pressing issues facing Minnesotans today. We must come together to create comprehensive solutions which can address the entirety of the problem,” said Rep. Liz Boldon (DFL – Rochester). “I am proud to be a co-chair of this caucus and I look forward to using my experience in healthcare to ensure we pursue the most effective policies possible.”

Jen McEwen represents Senate District 8 which covers the community of Duluth.

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Omar Fateh represents Senate District 62, which covers the community of South Minneapolis.

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