Minnesota Hemp Industry Gets a Boost in 2019

SAINT PAUL, Minn. — Several new provisions benefiting Minnesota’s hemp industry moved forward in 2019 thanks to Senator Karla Bigham (DFL-Cottage Grove). Three provisions carried by Senator Bigham were included in legislation passed in the Special Session to strengthen transparency, update the regulatory framework, and support this burgeoning industry for Minnesota.

“We have a great opportunity to capitalize on this growing industry and to make it a major piece of Minnesota’s agricultural economy, and we also have a responsibility to lay out a clear regulatory framework for the growing commercial interest in products in this market like CBD,” said Senator Bigham. “I’m proud to see Minnesota continue to be a leader in this industry and for the bipartisan work to make it thrive.”

The three provisions that Senator Bigham carried that are included in legislation passed during the Special Session are:

  • Allowing Minnesota Hemp growers licensed with the commissioner of agriculture to sell Minnesota hemp to manufacturers of the medical cannabis program.
  • Truth in labeling for CBD products sold in the state of Minnesota, setting new regulatory standards that protect Minnesota consumers.
  • Updates to the definition of hemp in statute and enhanced rulemaking authority for the Department of Agriculture.
Senator Karla Bigham
Karla Bigham represents District 54 in the southeast Twin Cities metro, including parts of Dakota and Washington counties.

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