Minnesota moves to the next phase in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

The Walz Administration announced this week that because Minnesota is now at an over 70% vaccination rate for those age 65 and older, there would be an increase in eligibility for Minnesotans who will be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the next phase. Due to the increase in vaccine supply, the administration has decided to open vaccines to phases 1b and 1c at the same time, which will include an estimated 1 million Minnesotans.

The next wave will continue to prioritize those at a heightened risk while allowing more of the general public to get vaccinated, including those with underlying health risks and/or those who work in essential service industries. The administration has encouraged those who will be newly eligible to sign up for the Vaccine Connecter and to talk to their local health providers or workplace management to see the current availability to get vaccinated.

With the federal government ramping up COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts in the coming weeks, the Governor Walz stated his optimism for the coming months as more Minnesotans are vaccinated. It is expected to take between six to eight weeks to complete vaccinations in the current group, after which it was announced the COVID-19 vaccine will then be available to the general public, likely sometime in May.

To see more information or if you will be eligible in the next phase click here.