Minnesota observes the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death

Tuesday, May 25, marked one year since George Floyd was murdered at the hands of Minneapolis police officer, Derrick Chauvin, in South Minneapolis. His death brought to the forefront the global consciousness of what Black communities have known about systemic racism and policing for years. Had Darnella Frasier not been there to bear witness to and record the event, it is likely Chauvin would have never faced accountability.

Last summer, Minnesota and the rest of the world took to the streets demanding justice and meaningful change to policing as we know it. In response, Senate Republicans made grandiose promises of holding hearings and passing meaningful police reform that one year later, have yet to be realized.

More Black Americans and people of color have lost their lives to police brutality since the death of George Floyd, including another Minnesotan – Daunte Wright. Although these events leave the world in shock, we understand that they’re not isolated incidents, but the pattern of the abuse of power. The time for police reform is now.