Minnesota Senate prioritizes sustainable transportation funding

160314 Transpo PC_Dibble1ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota Senate today renewed its pledge to pass a comprehensive transportation bill with dedicated and sustainable funding. While both the House and Senate passed transportation funding bills last session, the Senate bill continues to be the most responsible long-term solution. Senator Scott Dibble (DFL-Minneapolis), chair of the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee, joined senators from across Minnesota to support this critical legislation.

“Minnesota’s transportation network continues to see greater demand as our economy and population change and grow. Our aging roads and bridges are struggling to meet this increased demand, and hundreds of thousands of transit users are crowded into a system without an expansion plan. Every Minnesotan deserves a world-class transportation network, whether they use a car, bus, train, or bike. We can only guarantee access to jobs, opportunity and communities that function well by raising new, dedicated revenue,” said Sen. Dibble.

During the time that Minnesota has repeatedly failed to pass a major transportation funding package, others states have moved ahead. These are the places we compete with for jobs, and for building a quality of life to attract and retain the workforce of the future. Since 2012, 23 states have passed transportation bills that increased funding for their transportation systems, most through increasing or reforming the gas tax.

160314 Transpo PC_BakkAccording to the latest analysis from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), the state faces a shortfall of more than $16 billion over the next 20 years to meet the growing demands being placed on our roads and bridges. As the demand increases and the existing network ages, the costs for repairing and improving our infrastructure will only increase should we fail to keep up. Only a long-term transportation bill with dedicated funds can solve this problem.

“Every one of us – students, families, employees, seniors, and people with disabilities – relies on our transportation network to live well. Minnesotans in all parts of our state expect and deserve a transportation system that works for all of us. Let’s use this opportunity to unite and connect Minnesotans to each other,” added Sen. Dibble.

For questions on this or any legislation, contact Sen. Scott Dibble at sen.scott.dibble@senate.mn or by phone at (651) 296-4191.

Senator Scott Dibble
Scott Dibble represents District 61, which includes portions of the city of Minneapolis in Hennepin County.

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