Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act

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DFL legislators held a press conference this week to raise awareness of the Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act, a proposal to improve oversight of child-protection services and provide better outcomes for African American children and families who go through the system. The legislators were joined by parents and advocates who detailed first-hand experiences with the disparities in the child welfare system, calling for strong support of the bill.

The Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act seeks to remedy the disparities experienced by African American children and their families by preventing unnecessary removal of black children from their home and promote family reunification. The bill would create a new council within the Department of Human Services to better oversee how black children and their families are treated by child protective services. The proposal would also require local agencies to place black children with family members, make it harder to terminate parental rights, and allow for parents to petition to have their families reunified. (SF 3779)