MN Woman Veteran License Plate Unveiled

SAINT PAUL – The Minnesota Woman Veteran License Plate design was unveiled on Saturday, Oct. 11 at the Minnesota Humanities Center. According to the bill’s author, State Senator Alice Johnson, the specialty license plate will go a long way toward removing the invisibility that many of the Minnesota’s 29,000 women veterans feel.


The plates bear the inscription “Woman Veteran” and followed the criteria established by a working group of Women Veterans and Public Safety employees. The new specialty plates will be available in January 2015 and will be part of an array of specialty plates offered to veterans.

Johnson said she authored the legislation upon the request of several female veterans. Women are the fastest growing population within the Departments of Defense and Veterans’ Affairs. “Although female veterans have served in every country America has been engaged in, many times they are not recognized for their contribution to our country,” Sen. Johnson said. “This license plate is just a small way Minnesota can recognize, thank and honor our female veterans and show them their military contribution is valued.”

Senate DFL