MNCASA Action Day brings forth stories of determination

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The Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s (MNCASA) Action Day took place this week and gave Minnesotans the opportunity to gather in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence, including those whose voices are not often heard. Dozens of survivors, advocates, and allies of the sexual assault community joined together to raise awareness and propose legislation for increased accountability in our laws regarding sexual assault.

Speakers at the rally shared impactful stories and emphasized that too much time has passed without change and that too many voices are not being heard as a result. MNCASA’s 2019 legislative agenda seeks to fix just that. The agenda involves a redraft of the criminal sexual conduct statute and maintenance of crime victim services at the current level of $23.8 million. The proposed legislation includes a repeal of the Voluntary Relationships statute, which would remove a cohabitation loophole to sexual assault, and a bar on sexual assault by peace officers. (S.F. 235, S.F. 111)