MNLARS funding bill sent to the Governor

This week, the Legislature passed a bill to provide funding for continued improvements and development for the Minnesota License and Registration System (MNLARS). Since its rollout in July, the vehicle services components of MNLARS have been riddled with problems and system failures, complicating tab renewals and vehicle title transactions and seriously inconveniencing Minnesotans.

The bill provides $10 million dollars from an existing account in Driver and Vehicle Services, including $350,000 over the next two years for an information technology auditor to examine the progress being made on MNLARS, budgeting on the project and interaction with stakeholders like the deputy registrars. The bill conditions the funding to be released on a quarterly basis by a steering committee of six legislators, who will receive quarterly progress reports from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Office of Information Technology (MN.IT). If a majority of the six legislators vote to slow, reduce, or condition the release of the quarterly allotment based on the progress report, the commissioners have 20 days to work to resolve the concerns of the legislators so that they may receive the quarterly funds. If the legislators are still not satisfied, the quarterly allotment is not released, and DPS and MN.IT would need to submit proposed legislation to fund MNLARS during the next legislative session. (SF 3133)