Both the House Transportation Finance Committee and the Senate Transportation Policy and Finance Committee heard updates on the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS) this week. Since the launch of the vehicle services side of the system, Minnesotans have been frustrated with how inconsistent and unreliable the system has been as they try to renew their vehicle registrations and complete vehicle title transactions.

The Department of Public Safety and Minnesota IT Services have updated their plan to correct errors within MNLARS and keep the system running smoothly. Last week, they requested that the legislature transfer $10 million from another account with Driver and Vehicle Services to maintain staffing levels on the project and add customer service support.

The chairs of the House and Senate committees have refused to act thus far, saying they will not spend additional state dollars on a project that has already been riddled with errors. Without additional funding, contract workers who are creating fixes for the system will be laid off at the end of March, and MNLARS will remain in its current troubled state.