MnSCU Credit Transfer Plan

Some students within MnSCU have seen their credits go uncounted when transferring between schools. Although the schools are in the same system, sometimes students are required to retake the same or very similar classes. Last year, the Legislature require MnSCU to develop a plan with agreements between campuses that lead to a BA being completed about two years after transferring within MnSCU if a student has already received an associate of arts degree.

Legislation was heard this year to require MnSCU to develop new transfer pathways between associate of arts, associate of science, and associate of fine arts degrees and baccalaureate degrees. Any plan put forth by MnSCU must take into account last year’s legislation that created agreements for how students can get a degree if they studied on multiple campuses within 60 credits of transferring.

One additional initiative the bill implements is the creation of a baccalaureate plan for applied science degrees to respond to areas of high employability in the state.

STATUS: The bill is in the Finance Committee. (S.F. 1613)

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