Moving Minnesota toward 100 percent clean energy

Youth climate activists and faith leaders joined Minnesota Senate and House legislators at a press conference to discuss legislation that moves Minnesota towards 100 percent clean energy. The proposal would prompt Minnesota to transition away from power sources that rely on fossil fuels in favor of renewable methods like wind and solar.

Minnesota has made tremendous progress to support clean energy. The legislation introduced provides the framework for Minnesota to move toward 100 percent clean energy by 2050. The legislation ensures Minnesota can achieve the 100 percent goal by embracing and expanding our renewable energy options like wind and solar to repower our communities with clean, renewable energy sources. This will not only save consumers money but open up new jobs to grow our economy as well.

Since Minnesota doesn’t have fossil fuels, the state spends $13 billion on energy from other states each year. Keeping that money inside our borders would create new jobs for Minnesotans. Right now, clean energy jobs are growing four times faster than all other sectors of the economy, and this legislation will allow Minnesota to capitalize on that growth for our workers and economy.