Multi-state psychology compact bill passes the Legislature

The House and Senate passed a bill this week to expand access to mental health services across state lines. If signed by the governor, this bill would allow Minnesota to join 14 other states into the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact, or PsyPact, and allow certain psychologists to engage in telepsychology or face-to-face mental health services with patients in other member states in the compact without needing additional state licenses. Participating psychologists must have a current, active license based on a doctoral degree to participate in this program.

There has been a huge need to increase access to mental health services for years. PsyPact will provide continuity of care if someone relocates or travels out of state and wants to continue to use their current mental health provider. There’s also language to enhance patient protections and require anyone practicing as part of the compact to be aware of local resources in case of an emergency. As we recover from this pandemic, entering into this multi-state agreement will be another tool to improve access to care and promote cooperation between states regarding licensure and regulation. (SF 193)