Overview: health insurance battle continues

The third week of session kicked off with an extra push from Governor Dayton and a collection of stories from Minnesotans about how health insurance premium relief delayed is premium relief denied. From farmers to self-employed software engineers, every day Minnesotans shared their unique stories about the urgent need for health insurance premium relief.

The Senate passed a premium relief bill last week. The House will take up a premium relief bill on Thursday.

Floor sessions were relatively quiet this week, with more action being taken in committees. The Capital Investment Committee released its Bonding Bill – a near clone of the Senate Bonding Bill which was voted on last session and largely supported by Senate DFLers.

Looking ahead, next week is expected to be busier – with Governor Dayton kicking off the week with his State of the State address followed by the release of his 2018-2019 budget proposal.

Senate DFL Media