PCA Bill Recommended for Possible Inclusion to HHSH Omnibus Budget Bill

Legislation that ratifies the labor agreement between SEIU on behalf of personal care providers and Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) was recommended to pass for possible inclusion to the HHSH Omnibus Budget Bill.

Some background on the bill: The 2013 Legislature passed a bill to allow home care workers or PCAs to vote on whether to unionize. In August 2014, SEIU Healthcare was recognized as the exclusive bargaining representative of PCAs. From there, MMB, DHS and SEIU reached a collective bargaining agreement for PCAs on Jan. 9, 2015 after four months of negotiations. On March 12, 2015, the Legislative Coordinating Commission Subcommittee on Employee Relations recommended approval of the PCA contract. Governor Dayton then recommended $16 million in his budget recommendations for the 1.53% rate increase for PCAs on July 1, 2015 and a 1.73% rate increase on July 1, 2016 to pay for the wage and PTO increases in the negotiated agreement.

Should the bill pass, PCAs will now earn an adequate wage — $10.75 per hour beginning July 1, 2015; $11 beginning July 1, 2016 – and accrue paid sick leave. Clients in need of a PCA should have dependable and high-quality workers, which this contract will help to attract and retain. (S.F. 1274)

Senate DFL Media