People of Color and Indigenous Caucus on the Election of Melisa López Franzen as DFL Caucus Leader

The Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus members congratulate Senator Melisa López Franzen on her newly elected position as the Senate DFL leader. We are confident in her abilities to lead the Senate Minority caucus from a deep sense of service and advocacy to every community and region of our State. We are proud to call her a friend and a member of our Caucus. We are ready to partner with her to bring our communities to celebrate her election and to work with her to move forward a policy agenda that centers the lives of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian communities to the front and center of our Legislative work. With Senator López Franzen now at the helm, we are confident that her unyielding passion for advocacy for those who have often been marginalized and overlooked will open an opportunity for our communities.

Senator López Franzen is the first member of the POCI Caucus, and woman of color, to serve as the Senate DFL leader. This truly is a moment to celebrate and, we believe, a catalyst for meaningful change ahead.”

The People of Color and Indigenous Caucus is compromised of both House and Senate Legislators.