POCI Caucus unveils 2020 legislative priorities

The People Of Color and Indigenous (POCI) caucus held a press conference this week to outline their 2020 legislative agenda. The agenda will primarily focus on criminal justice reform and reducing disparities in education, health care, and economic security.

One proposal would invest in programs proven to help students from diverse backgrounds succeed, in an effort to reduce the major opportunity gaps between students of color and white students in Minnesota. Minnesota has some of the worst racial disparities in the nation, and closing the gap is a crucial step to reducing inequities within the state.

The caucus has a proposal focused on addressing disparities in health outcomes, while another package of bills would focus on promoting jobs and economic security for all Minnesotans through renter protections, expansions to affordable housing in opportunity zones, and prohibiting employers from requiring the disclosure of workers’ past wages. Their last priority focuses on advancing criminal justice reform and ensuring civil rights are protected for all Minnesotans.

The caucus of DFL lawmakers stands together across race, culture, and experience with the united goal of making Minnesota a better, more equitable place to live.