Police and Community Confidence Act Introduced

Trust in our legal process is the most important factor in determining the success of our criminal justice system, and it is important that our citizens have the utmost confidence in those who are carrying out the law. To that end, the Police and Community Confidence Act was introduced, a measure which enhances police accountability and transparency.

The legislation lays out new guidelines regarding the investigation of deaths related to the action of a peace officer. Currently, investigations may be performed by the law enforcement department where the incident took place, giving rise to questions regarding the impartiality of the investigation. The Police and Community Confidence Act states that when a police-related death occurs, the ensuing investigation must be conducted by at least two investigators from an outside agency. In addition, after the investigation has taken place, the resulting outside report becomes public information if it is determined that there will be no charges brought related to the incident. (S.F. 466)

Senate DFL Media