Press Conference held to detail, encourage Paid Family Leave Act

Legislators joined Minnesotans for Paid Family Leave this week to kick off a campaign to push legislation for working Minnesotans. The Paid Family Leave Act would create an insurance program to provide all Minnesota employees with a percentage of their wages for up to six weeks while they are bonding with a new child, caring for an elder or seriously ill family member, or dealing with pregnancy-related health concerns.

Legislators stressed the importance of making workplace policies reflect how people actually live and work in the present day. The bill builds on last year’s Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA).

Currently, only 13% of Americans have access to paid family leave, forcing most workers to choose between caring for a loved one and bringing home a pay check. The Paid Family Leave Act would guarantee access to paid leave for all Minnesota employees. It also addresses income disparities while benefiting all workers, regardless of gender, parental status, age, ability, or income level. (S.F. 779)

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