Project in Depth: Corridors of Commerce

[columns][column width=”1/2″]Corridors of Commerce Map[/column][column width=”1/2″]The Corridors of Commerce program injected more than $300 million into economic avenues of greater Minnesota. This investment will reduce barriers to commerce, support the movement of freight, and improve connections between trunk highway interchanges. These funds are going to projects across the state, from Detroit Lakes to Mankato, and are limited to only the most shovel-ready projects.

Where are the projects?

MnDot’s Guide to the Corridors of Commerce Program

Highway 14:
Highway 23 near Duluth
Highway 23 Near Willmar:
Highway 36 Lift Bridge Conversion, Stillwater – Bicycling/Pedestrian


05Saxhaug“Highway 2 connects the two largest cities in my district, and I am well aware of its needs. I’d like to thank the Corridors for Commerce program for granting this project up to $10 million to make this passage safer and more efficient for the many people who use it every day” 

– Senator Tom Saxhuag (DFL – Grand Rapids)


IF“We have all experienced the unsafe conditions on Highway 23. I would like to thank the Corridors for Commerce program for helping create a more safe and robust transportation route for everyone – families, farmers, small businesses and our state’s largest employers” 

– Senator Lyle Koenen (DFL- Clara City)


02Skoe“These small, rural roads like Highway 34 begin to pose a problem as the number of passenger cars and heavy freight users increase. Building passing lanes will help make using this road much safer.” 

– Senator Rod Skoe (DFL – Clearbrook)



42Scalze“Improving the Rice Street and I-694 interchange has been on the minds of planners since the mid-1990s. Along this two mile segment of I-694 there are over 37,000 jobs; this important investment will help remove transportation barriers to commerce in the northern metro.” 

– Senator Bev Scalze (DFL – Little Canda)

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“Why Corridors of Commerce?”

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