Protect Access to Contraception Act

On International Women’s Day, DFL legislators joined advocates to support legislation that would protect access to contraception in Minnesota. The Protect Access to Contraception (PAC) Act is designed to ensure no-cost birth control coverage for all women, regardless of actions that could be taken by the federal government to roll back this provision under the Affordable Care Act.

The legislation would guarantee coverage for all FDA-approved forms of contraception and ensure patient education, counseling, and follow-up services are covered without cost-sharing. An exemption is provided for religiously-affiliated organizations; however, their insurance companies would still be required to cover the full cost of birth control for employees covered under their plans.

Advocates for the bill argue that taking the proactive step of guaranteeing no-cost access to birth control in Minnesota will help women make the best decisions for themselves and their families about their health and economic wellbeing. (SF3101)