Purple Caucus Members Announce Legislative Priorities

The Senate Purple Caucus announced its first-ever legislative priorities this week at a bipartisan press conference. The Purple Caucus’ aim is to break through some of the partisan walls at the Capitol by focusing on issues that puts “Minnesotans first, and other labels second.”

The Purple Caucus’ shared values and priorities include:

  • An increase in the K-12 per pupil funding formula and a reduction of unfunded mandates for local school districts.
  • Additional dedicated funding in transportation, focusing first on core infrastructure but also including other transit options.
  • Quick adoption of the child protection provisions that will ensure the safety of our children.

Over the past two years, the Purple Caucus has had 23 members regularly participate, or roughly a third of the body. Not by design, caucus membership is evenly divided. The vast majority of caucus members are newer to the legislature and come from a local government background. While differences remain, the Purple Caucus’ members agree the robust conversations in which the caucus engages bring members together and allow them to focus on where there is agreement, instead of only their differences.

Senate DFL Media