REAL ID closer to reality

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The Minnesota Senate passed a neutral REAL ID bill this week that would allow Minnesotans to board flights and visit their loved ones on military bases without unrelated and controversial language that stymied the bill earlier this session.

An earlier version of the REAL ID bill failed to pass the Senate with a strong bipartisan vote against it. DFL Senators have been asking for a neutral REAL ID bill since the first compliance bill passed in 2016. Senate Republicans finally compromised and removed the controversial and unnecessary rulemaking language some DFL Senators objected to. The bill is now neutral and has bipartisan support. If passed into law, the legislation will bring Minnesota into federal compliance with REAL ID requirements.

After more than a decade of back and forth with the federal government and years of fighting at the Legislature, lawmakers got together not as Democrats and Republicans, but as Minnesotans who understood we had to compromise to pass this important bill.

The bipartisan bill we passed is about compliance and does not include unnecessary and controversial language the previous bill contained. With this strong bipartisan vote, we are sending a compelling message to the GOP House that we do not want unnecessary immigration policy in legislation to implement driver’s licensing standards. (SF 166)