Regent candidate recommendations announced

This week the Regent Candidacy Council recommended 12 candidates to fill four open spots on the University Board of Regents. The Board of Regents fulfills a critical role with the University of Minnesota as it helps govern, sets budgets, and works with the administration to achieve all aspects of the University’s mission.

Four seats are open for appointment every two years, for a six-year term. The board seats to be filled this year are from Minnesota’s 1st, 4th, 6th and 7th Congressional Districts. The Senate Higher Education Committee announced the candidates moving forward to the Legislature are:

  • CD1: Val Aarsvold, Ruth Johnson and Randy Simonson (incumbent).
  • CD4: Daryl Alkire, James Farnsworth and Karen Schanfield.
  • CD6: David Hoang, Michael Hsu (incumbent) and Kodi Verhalen
  • CD7: Doug Huebsch, Lucas Sjostrom and Michael Yost

These recommendations will go to the House and Senate Higher Education Committees, which will recommend candidates to the full Legislature in a joint session. The recommendations to the full House and Senate are due by February 28. The House and Senate of the Legislature will then have a joint session where the Legislatures will vote on the final Regents.