Regulations eased for Minnesotans during pandemic

Two bills worked their way through the Senate this week that aim to assist Minnesotans as we continue to weather the pandemic.

The first heard in committee this week was a bill that allows the state’s court system to pause expirations of various deadlines. As COVID-19 has made it difficult to navigate the legal system and carry out regular court cases, this will provide necessary flexibility for state courts.

Secondly, a bill was passed off the Senate floor that allows wills that have harmless errors in them to still be executed. As Minnesotans are reacting to COVID-19 more wills are being drafted, which can help ensure wishes are carried out after death. However, the state has a number of requirements in drafting a will that can be difficult to meet in the midst of a pandemic, such as having two witnesses. This bill allows wills that are drafted without meeting those requirements to still be carried out, as long as the intent of the will’s owner can be proven.

Minnesotans are a year into this pandemic, and while vaccines are being given every day we are not yet out of the woods. Senate DFLers will continue to fight for all of us and find ways to help as we continue to mask up, social distance, and get our vaccines as soon as they’re available. (SF 303 , SF 258)