Reinert Opposes Passage of Cuts Bill

Today Senator Roger Reinert voiced his opposition to the passage of Senate File 60. The Republican budget cut bill makes the unallotment cuts from last session permanent and includes new cuts to areas of public safety and human services.
“This is not a balanced approach,” Senator Reinert said. “It leaves property taxpayers, students, and low income Duluthians footing the bill.”
The bill includes many cuts to programs important to Duluth. The cut to LGA, $3.8 million, is roughly equivalent to the budget for the entire city library system. In addition, there are cuts to Duluth higher education institutions – an estimated $1.1 million cut to Lake Superior College and $3 million cut to UMD. Duluth’s renters are also particularly hard hit as the reduction of the renter’s credit from 19% of rent paid to 15% of rent paid is made permanent.
The Governor has also made it clear he rejects a piecemeal approach and is insisting on a complete budget solution. “Let’s not waste time on a piecemeal approach,” Senator Reinert said. “Let’s work with the Governor, and let’s balance the budget in fair and sustainable way. That is what the people of Minnesota sent us here to do.”

Senator Roger Reinert
Roger Reinert represents District 7, which includes St. Louis County. He is also an educator.

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