Republican safe schools bills heard

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The Senate Republican safe schools revenue legislation was heard this week in the Education Finance Committee for a third time. This bill creates safe schools aid for public and charter schools in the aftermath of the Florida school shooting. School districts would receive funds to make safety enhancements to their schools, based on allowable uses.

The bill creates a $79 million, one-time aid funding for school districts and charter schools to pay for the same safety measures as the Safe Schools levy. Besides facility safety enhancements, schools can also use the aid to fund safer school cybersecurity. There are a number of concerns about the legislation including inadequate funding and worries the bill may penalize small schools with smaller student populations.

Senate DFLers also introduced a number of school safety bills on issues such as facility upgrades, threat assessment teams, and classroom security enhancements – unfortunately, most of these bills have not yet received hearings. (SF 2754)