Republicans attempt to cut MNsure funding

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A bill that would drastically cut MNsure’s operating budget, prohibit the creation of the MinnesotaCare buy-in, and make other harmful changes to Minnesota’s insurance marketplace is working its way through the Legislature.

Republicans believe the bill will reduce healthcare costs and increase choice. In reality, the bill does exactly the opposite. To lower costs, the bill cuts MNsure’s budget by lowering taxes on insurance companies without any evidence that those cuts will result in lower prices for consumers. Even more concerning, MNsure will be forced to cut back on things like customer service support, increasing call times for consumers and reducing the help available to Minnesotans as they navigate a complicated health care system. By preventing a MinnesotaCare Buy-in option, Republicans are reducing choice by taking away the opportunity for some Minnesotans to purchase quality health coverage at a competitive price.

After an attempt to completely bypass the Health and Human Services Committee, members raised objections and the bill was called back. The bill was heard and passed this week and is moving on to the Taxes Committee.

MNsure saw record enrollment last year and they have drastically improved customer experience. With increasing uncertainty at the federal level, Minnesotans cannot afford Republicans’ continued efforts to undermine the progress that has been made. This bill gives more money back to insurance companies, and makes it more difficult for consumers to enroll in coverage, while doing nothing to reduce the cost of health care. (SF 3392)