Republicans pass union busting bill

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A bill was passed by the State Government Committee to prohibit unions from collecting fair share dues from nonmembers to fund the nonpolitical activities of unions. In states that do not have ‘right to work’ laws, a union can require non-members to pay an agency or fair share fee. The non-member fee is used only to offset the expense the union incurs to negotiate contracts or file grievances on the non-member’s behalf. The full membership fee includes the agency fee as well as an additional sum of money to pay for political activities. Full membership also includes some additional benefits within the structure of the union.

If this bill is implemented, it would cripple the ability of unions to represent everyone within their collective bargaining unit. Free-riders would benefit from the contracts their union negotiates but would pay nothing for the benefits their union provides. The effective date of the bill is also problematic because it is contingent on a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. If the Court issues a split decision, it is unclear whether or how this bill would be implemented. (S.F. 3754)