Sales Tax Exemption Might Stick

The Senate Tax Committee took action this week to ensure Minnesotans do not need to pay sales tax when attending post-season high school events.

Admission to high school events has been exempt from sales tax for decades, but post-season tournaments and other Minnesota State High School League-sponsored events were not included in the exemption until 2006. At that time, lawmakers put a sunset on the exemption, which is scheduled to be effective July 1. The activities affected include post-season tournaments for athletics, arts, and activities for public and private schools across the state. MSHSL officials stressed that money saved from the sales tax exemption is returned directly back to the community for programs such as financial assistance for students who find the cost of participating in an MSHSL activity to be prohibitive.

The Tax Reform Division laid this bill over for possible inclusion in an omnibus tax bill. (S.F. 41)

Senate DFL Media