Saving college students money

In response to colleges requiring students to take remedial non-credit courses before classes they receive credit for, legislation was heard this week to prohibit MnSCU institutions from requiring students to take remedial non-credit courses if the individual received a college-ready ACT score. This legislation has the potential to help many students across Minnesota who tested well on the ACT from taking costly remedial classes.

In addition, colleges and universities that use placement testing to determine if remedial classes are necessary must now give students reasonable time to review materials provided by the institution covering what will be in the test, including a sample test. After the test, if a student is required to take a remedial noncredit course, the student must be given the opportunity to retake the placement test at the earliest time possible, as determined by the student and the testing schedule. The institution is also mandated to provide the individual with study materials.

This legislation would save Minnesota students time and money by allowing students with college-ready ACT scores to be exempted from taking Accuplacer exams. Also, as part of legislation that passed in 2013, all Minnesota high school students can take the ACT for free to help determine college and career readiness. (S.F. 871)

Senate DFL Media