Second Chance holds its 2021 Day on the Hill

The Second Chance Coalition held their Day on the Hill this week; the Coalition is a group advocating for the restoration of the vote for individuals who have served their sentences, youth criminal justice reform, and pardon board reform. The event focused on the Coalition’s 2021 legislative priorities and current legislation being put forward, which focus on reforming the state’s criminal justice system to ensure fair and equitable regulations are in place.

Senate DFLers have two bills that are supported by the Second Chance Coalition. The first bill would reduce the fines and fees of individuals in cases of financial hardship through the judge’s discretion. It would also stop the suspension of driver licenses in cases of unpaid tickets or violations that don’t impact public safety so individuals can have reliable transportation to work to pay off their fines. The second legislative proposal being currently worked on would end life sentencing for juveniles, bringing Minnesota in alignment with Supreme Court rulings and granting juveniles with opportunities for second chances and rehabilitation.

The Second Chance Coalition’s priorities have bipartisan support, with elected officials coming together to promise advocacy and support for the upcoming legislation. (SF 902)