Second round of emergency childcare grants open

Applications have opened for a second round of Peacetime Emergency Child Care Grants administered by Child Care Aware of Minnesota. The applications are open from Tuesday May 5 until Tuesday May 12 at 5pm. These funds will allow these providers to continue providing childcare to essential workers during the pandemic, to ensure that those working on the front lines of this crisis have care available for their children as they continue to tirelessly fight this virus. The monthly awards start at $4,500, with up to $15,500 in additional funding based on added services and capacity.

This money is an essential part of the state’s response to COVID-19 and helps our workers stay secure in their minds that their children will be taken care of properly and safely. The Senate DFL are committed to providing our first responders and front line workers with everything they need to stay secure in their health and their minds during this pandemic, and these emergency childcare grants are just one example of many of Minnesota putting their citizens first during this pandemic. Those interested in applying for the grants should head here for more information.