2021 Mid-Session Review


Senate Republican budget target: $0 Despite hearing testimony from communities across the state and stakeholders, Senate Republicans did not invest an additional dollar into housing across Minnesota in their budget. Despite introducing bills that spent millions of dollars in new… Read More »Housing


As noted prior to session’s start, the pandemic brought into stark contrast the varying inequities in Minnesota’s public school system. As distance learning became the norm, schools had to deal with students who lacked the hardware to participate in virtual… Read More »Education


When compared with Republicans, DFLers are ready to fight for a clean energy future While the Senate Energy & Utility Committee has heard many different proposals this session of varying levels of controversy, it has become abundantly clear DFLers are… Read More »Energy


Senate Republicans roll back environmental protections in this year’s Environmental Omnibus Bill The Environment Policy Committee has heard and passed the policy provisions for the Senate Republicans’ 2021 Environmental Omnibus Bill. Like previous years, Republicans have opted to pursue controversial… Read More »Environment