Press Releases

Senator Jennifer A. McEwen makes Statement on Hamas-Israel Conflict

As a state elected official, I am not inclined to publicly weigh in on international issues that are largely out of my purview or power to influence. However, as the conflict in Israel and Palestine grows in escalation, and as my own government and leaders have not acted to end further violence, I feel I must add my voice to those speaking out.

With Federal Funding Ending, Minnesota Steps Up with Great Start Compensation Support Program says Senator Melissa H. Wiklund

2023 session included significant support for child care needs across Minnesota

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – As federal funding in the form of Child Care Stabilization Grants comes to an end on September 30, Minnesota will step up to fill this gap with a new, innovative, state-led solution as the Great Start Compensation Support Program comes online. This program will provide $316.1 million in direct payments to eligible child care providers to increase their compensation and benefits.

Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic: Minnesota Won’t Fall Off the Unprecedented “Child Care Cliff” That Will Harm Families, Businesses in Most Other States

Says DFL Actions During This Year’s Legislative Session Ensure Parents, Businesses, and Providers Can Count on Reliable, Affordable Child Care

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic (DFL-MN) said today that due to actions taken by DFL lawmakers during this year’s legislative session, Minnesota won’t fall off the “child care cliff,” and families will continue to have access to reliable child care across the state. While most other states are bracing for a potential loss of thousands of child care programs and millions of child care spots when years of federal COVID child care funding comes to an end on September 30, Minnesota families can be assured of access to stable child care.

Senator John Hoffman Update on School Resource Officers

SAINT PAUL, MN. – On Wednesday, the Attorney General’s Office issued new guidance on how legislation passed in this year’s education budget governs the conduct of school resource officers (SROs). The office’s opinion reiterates that officers are permitted to use “reasonable force” in any situation that poses a risk of bodily harm, and clarified that the law “does not limit the types of reasonable force that may be used by public officers to carry out their lawful duties.”