2018 Session Preview


MnLARS The rollout of the state’s new web-based Minnesota License and Registration System (MnLARS) information system used to manage the Department of Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) transactions has been a controversial topic during interim. The system has been plagued… Read More »Transportation


Outstanding issues with the 2017 Tax Bill Although the Governor signed the 2017 tax bill that passed during special session, he immediately objected to the overall cost of the bill and three specific items that mainly benefit the wealthy. The… Read More »Taxes

State and Local Government

Cybersecurity The inability of Republicans to invest in cybersecurity has already had consequences for Minnesotans. Since last session, there have been at least three major reports of statewide IT issues: IP addresses associated with the Secretary of State’s website were… Read More »State and Local Government

Jobs and Housing

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Preemption Unsatisfied with progress being made at the Legislature, people have engaged local units of government to raise their standard of living by seeking paid time off and minimum wage increases. Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Duluth, and other regional centers are… Read More »Jobs and Housing


Government email retention policies The Legislature still has not weighed in on local government agencies’ email retention policies. The Legislative Commission on Data Privacy held a hearing on the issue in late 2017, but there still has not been any… Read More »Judiciary