2019 End of Session


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BUDGET The Senate Republicans’ original veterans and military affairs budget proposal had a $0 target and failed to adequately fund those who have served and continue to serve the state and country. The bill included no additional funding for operating… Read More »VETERANS


TAX OVERVIEW The final tax bill contained several bipartisan tax-relief measures, federal tax conformity, and several local tax provisions to help communities across the state. The biggest complaints were lack of conformity to at least $400 million of corporate foreign… Read More »TAXES


BUDGET Capital investment bond change and corrections bill Several legislative members and some conversation groups opposed the bonding bill last year as a result of it including bonds backed by the environment and natural resources trust fund instead of general… Read More »CAPITAL INVESTMENT


BUDGET The omnibus transportation bill provides $97 million in additional general fund resources for transportation as part of the global budget deal between Governor Walz and legislative leaders. Within the $97 million general fund target, it provides $52 million for… Read More »TRANSPORTATION