Sen. Carolyn Laine supports $1.37 billion Capital Investment bill

State Senator Carolyn Laine (DFL-Columbia Heights) voted in favor of a $1.37 billion Capital Investment Bill today that provides critical funding to move Minnesota’s economy forward by putting more people to work, making critical investments in state-owned infrastructure, roads and bridges, and investing in higher education. The bill passed today will finance more than $1.87 billion in statewide public projects, once other funding sources are counted. There were $5 billion in bonding requests to improve crumbling public buildings and infrastructure across our state. 

In response to the bill passing, Sen. Laine released the following statement:

“I am so pleased to announce that the Senate has just passed a long overdue bonding bill in these final months of 2020. I am incredibly grateful for the tireless work my colleagues on the Senate Capital Investments Committee, our House counterpart, and our Senate DFL Leader Susan Kent put in to reach this agreement. It is a great relief that the House GOP finally put partisan political games aside and joined us in the work Minnesotans elected us to do.

Bonding is about building stronger, more vibrant communities. My DFL Senate colleagues and I have continually pushed for a capital improvements bill that would ensure access to safe drinking water, affordable housing, transit, public safety, and upkeep for the higher education institutions that prepare our future workforce. 

Minnesota has capital infrastructure in every corner of our state, and it is our responsibility to maintain it. Historically, a bill like this has been heard and passed every other year or more frequently. It is unfortunate that recent leadership has not upheld this tradition, allowing our vital infrastructure to accumulate needs that reach nearly $5 billion, but I am glad we are able to start working on this backlog this year.

This $1.37 billion investment in our State’s infrastructure will stimulate our economy when we most need it. It will create thousands of good union jobs directly, and the ripple effect of the new construction and fabrication will spread the stimulus throughout Minnesota. I hope this agreement is just the start, and that the legislature continues this good bipartisan work for every Minnesotan.”

Carolyn Laine represents Senate District 41 in the northwest part of the Twin Cities metro.

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