Sen. Clausen starts budget talks

Budget talks at the state capitol have officially begun. Governor Dayton recently released his recommendations to solve the state’s $1.1 billion budget shortfall. It is now up to Senator Greg Clausen (DFL-Apple Valley) and his colleagues in the Legislature to bring the recommendations into the committee process and have an open discussion on the merits of the recommendations.

“The governor’s budget is simply the start of the budget conversation,” said Sen. Clausen. “It’s now time to bring in the experts from Gov. Dayton’s administration, advocacy groups, businesses and the public to discuss the implications of the recommendations.”

The Senate and House will work to establish their own budgets over the next three months. They will then work together to create one budget before the deadline date of May 20th. Senator Clausen says he is looking forward to the work, but he knows there will be some challenges along the way.

“There are a lot of things to like in the governor’s budget,”said Sen. Clausen. “Focusing on education, and more specifically All-Day K, is something we are going to agree on. With that said, I am sure there will be some aspects I would like to see changed. My role over the next few weeks will be to get my arms wrapped around all of this information to see how it all works together.”

Senator Clausen aslo commented on the state’s budget moving forward and the need to focus on future budgets.

“Minnesotans have seen a decade of budget deficits. Its time to create a responsible budget that solves today’s budget, but also ensures that we are not just creating another deficit for tomorrow’s,” said Sen. Clausen. “Finding the right solution starts by having an honest conversation with Minnesotans. It is time to craft a budget in a fair and responsible way so that we can fund our schools, invest in our transportation system, and grow economic opportunity for our state.”

Senator Greg Clausen
Greg Clausen lives in Apple Valley and represents District 57 in the southern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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